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Canegra beach is situated 37 km. from Trieste in the Piran bay, one of the most beautiful bays of the  riviera, immersed in the rich Mediterranean vegetation and surrounded by the beautiful pebbly beach.

Naturist camp Kanegra is located in beautiful bay on the southern part of Gulf of Trieste, in Istria. It is distanced 10 km from the historical town of Umago and it is connected to it by road and a seafront promenade. The camp is settled near sea where can be found rich Mediterranean vegetation with perfect climate conditions and beautiful long pebbly beach.
The camp is perfect for activ familiy holiday, it offers lots of facilities and equipment. For dining there can be found restaurants, pizzeria, snack bar, cocktail and caffe bar. For recration everyone can enjoy on tennis courts (with tennis school), mini golf, beach volleyball, other playgrounds (for basketball, small football), shooting range, or you can rent a bike if you like. If you enjoy in music or animations there are organized live music, DJs in open, animations for children and adults and many more. Pets are allowed and welcomed in the camp, they also have theire area of camp like beach, showers and supermarkets. Regarding other offers there are supermarkets, Internet corner, safe at front desk, nudist beach with blue flag. Camp is also adapted to the needs of disabled people. 37 km. south of Trieste
 There is a camping, two beaches, 2 restaurants  reserved for naturist guests. It is only 10 kilometers away from the town of Umag and it disposes of 190 camping units. Camping is open from last Saturday in April to September 30. Singles are welcome.

CCI members are granted 5% reduction and INF members are granted 10% reduction (one discount excludes the other one).

Even if you are not situated during your vacation in the camp, you can come to  the wonderful beach and enjoy swimming in the sea and lie in the sun without swimsuits.


Entry daily ticket for those who are not guests of the camp and only would like to stay for a day is charged 70 Kuna parking fee per car (that's about 10,- EUR) - 2015 price


Average age range: The most common age in Canegra is over 50. You can find some younger people on weekends.

Male/Female ratio is 50/50 .


All male FKK beaches
costa dei barbari (sistiana) - baia di santa croce (strugnano)


These beaches are best known for its wild kind of life, which clearly means you can see a lot of nude men, swimming, and enjoying a great time. Most of the times, is a point visited only by guys.


These beaches are often an amateur physique contest and a very serious one, with plenty of really beautiful naked guys.

The main reason few younger people are becoming naturists is the inability of modern naturism to engage with the issue of sexuality.

While it is true that "naturism became popular in a healthy outdoor lifestyle", this lifestyle also included a recognition that, socially, nudity could sometimes be erotic. 


 Young people, especially those who don't have an ongoing relationship, feel a higher degree of sexual tension that is stimulated by nudity.


The idea that naturist environments potentially offer a unique space to explore the breadth of sexual feelings, and to experience these in a more balanced and real way, could make them more attractive to a younger generation.

 And breathe new life into naturism.
Insider informs that they are starting to see a trend in even younger clientele as of late. “For the younger ones, it’s something to do that sounds exciting and even a little daring.

Nude beaches, clothing optional travel nude spa and pools and nude recreation have exploded in popularity over the last 5 years.


LIBURNIA (Trieste)

Der ca. 5 km lange FKK-Strand besteht aus einer Vielzahl von kleinen und großen FKK-Badebuchten mit Kiesel- und Felsstränden, teilweise mit Felsplateaus

This familiar nude beach is full of a mixed group of people, ranging from families with children to couples.
On any given weekend there are hundreds of people, so get there early and bring suntan lotion.
As a familiar nude beach, overt public sex is definitely frowned upon, but in-ocean cuddling and kissing is tolerated.
Age range is 35/45 and male/female ratio is 60/40. In the northern section ( in the picture ) you can find single young guys or couple of male friends in the 30's.

From Sistiana take the coastal road for Trieste, passed the highway park your car in the layby placed 150 meters before the gallery. Follow the path that goes down the cliff: it begins with iron stairs that comes out on a steep, uneven path leading directly to the beach.


If you prefer to go down from Canovella (stairway), when you are on the beach turn left and stop when you see nude people. Bring with you shoes for swimming and an air-bed to lay down on the beach. 





Just a few kilometers before the previously listed beach, this beach is another alternative for nudists in the Trieste area. Although not widely known to tourists, the beach has a local following due to the advocacy of a local naturist group. The nudist beach is reached from Via Piccard, a dead end near the Santa Croce intersection leading to the Bellariva restaurant and its beautiful textile beach. Then you have to walk 1 km. to the right until you see naked people sunbathing : just follow along the foreshore towards the Marine Biology Laboratory and small port. After passing a small wooded area, there is a beautiful beach that has fresh water from a spring.



This post contains nudity, which may be considered inappropriate for some audiences.


For all those that enjoy the soaking up the sun on the BEACH and find bathing suits too restrictive, you might be on the lookout for NATURIST beaches. Escape the routiness and boredom of everyday life.
The Gulf of Trieste hosts many naturist beaches with locals, and other sun lovers heading down to get naked on a daily basis. The locals have a real attitude of ‘each to their own’ so ‘textiles’ are not anti-nudist and you don’t have to worry about baring all in the right places. Here are the best nudist beaches in the surrounding if not on the whole Istria coast.

 Bare it all !! 

You might think of nudism–or “naturism,” depending on where you want to go, semantically–as solely the territory of diehard, original hippies and, like, Germans. And that’s true to some extent. But the naturist demographic is changing, with a rising number of 18-to-30-year-olds stripping off their clothes–and pretenses–for some recreation in the buff.

The Adriatic coast is among the friendliest naturist destinations of the world. That doesn’t surprise when you know that the first naturist beach was opened on Paradise Beach on the island of Arbe (Rab) in 1934.  Besides more than 30 official naturist resorts and beaches there are numerous other unofficial naturist or clothing optional beaches or coves.


For some people nudism it is a means of expressing their self and gives them an individual identity, whereas some seek pleasure and happiness out of it. Many people prefer nudist beaches for sunbathing activities and experience the natural beauty of the nature often found among such secluded surroundings.

 Besides, some people love swimming naked and exhibiting their bodies, which gives them some sort of happiness and boosts their self-esteem as well.

 Here's a lesson for you : before you visit a nudist beach, find out which is the main clientele !
If you like naturist resorts with full equipment, croatian Istria is for you, but remember these are filled primarily with fat old saggy people walking around. 

If you prefer wild, unofficial, laid back naturist beaches, with a lot of hot people (male and female)  and no shortage of young people, just as in Spain or France, maybe the triestine nude beaches are far better for you. Among the many benefits of living in a city like Trieste, is the relaxed attitude that makes nude beaches insanely popular. There is some mainly male nude beaches, some mixed ones and some familiar nude beaches.

Does the thought of baring it all on the beach or at a naturist gathering excite you ?? You might even want to wander onto the nudist beach right today !

To the South of Sistiana Bay there are so called free beaches which are known to be naturist for many years, Those places are clothing optional.


La Costa dei Barbari ( Sistiana )


This is one of the renowned beach destination for nudists and frequented by lot of locals and foreign tourists due to its unique ambience and different range of clientele found here.

 Has this got you intrigued ? Costa Dei Barbari is hardly a 15 minutes drive by car from Trieste downtown, commencing from Sistiana along the coastal road heading towards Trieste. This beach is well connected through some good transport facilities and car hire services are available to reach this destination.


The main beach is very popular  with gay nudist males. It's clothing optional here, but nudity is expected.

Biggest surprise, especially on weekends, will be the many  people as young as 24/25  on the main beach and that everyone is so casual with the whole naked thing, walking around au naturel !

 The lovely natural surroundings makes it a popular tourist attraction.

It can get crowded here on weekends in summer, but we can say say that's a great time to join in if you're new to it. You'll blend in to a naked young male adults crowd. No need to feel self conscious. It provides good sights.

The large majority of people on the northern part and on the main beach are males, while families and females prefer the extreme southern part of shoreline, just before the hotel Europa.

Due to mostly male and generally young and very well looking clientele the main beach is very popular with gays. 

Average age range: The most common age in the wild northern part is 30/50 , on the main (gay) beach is 25/35, in the southern ( family & couples beach ) part is 30/55

To reach it from Trieste, head towards Sistiana and park your car at km. 138,6 of the coastal road ( by Bus no. 51, Stop "Ginestre"). A steep trail beyond the fence quickly descend to the sea arriving in the southernest part of the beach).

Otherwise, just before the village of Sistiana (km.137,9) a bend in the road has been closed to traffic and turned into a parking area for 0.50 € per hour,( after 5.30 PM free parking ) by Bus 51, Stop "B.go San Mauro". From there another steep trails descend to the sea in the northernest part of clothing optional beaches. The more beautiful beach lies in the middle ( see pictures above )

If you do not like steep paths, you can park your car in the Bay of Sistiana or in Portopiccolo and then walk about 2 kms. all along the beaches direction South : a 20 minute hike through the cliffside scenery leads you to the first clothing optional beaches.
 This coastline has no services, but perhaps this is why it has maintained its wild beauty.
You can reach it by sea if you have (or rent) a boat.

These narrow, rocky, very scenic Fkk beaches near Sistiana draws a crowd
 of male nudists, families and some textiles. This location is about 2 kilometers south from Sistiana.

Crystal clear waters and a tolerant, relaxed atmosphere with both nude and swimsuited folks.
Isolated beaches are surrounded by high shrubs, craggy rocks and driftwood.

The nude zone also includes the portion of water within the cove, which made this area equally popular with boaters. Several boats were anchored just a short swim away from the beach, where their passengers lay nude on the deck.

Beyond the beaches, flat rocky cliffs extend for a few kilometers.
It is very easy to traverse these outcrops, which are also clothing optional.
Lots of secluded spots behind rocks for some "outdoor fun," too.

Although Costa dei barbari may have a steep path and not the easiest beach to climb, but it is definitely worth visiting on account of its natural delight and it is truly a paradise for naturists. During the week It is less crowded as compared to the other beaches and has remarkably clean waters with a coastal rock, which makes it the most sought after destination among the visitors. Moreover, this beach has been officially designated as a nudist beach and hence people who enjoy nudist activities can surely enjoy the unique experience to seek greater pleasure and relaxation.

hose who are there for several hours may alternate between nudity and swimsuits as the spirit moves them and it's no big deal.

Unlike some "familiar" nude beaches, the northern part offers a freewheeling and indulgent naturist experience for singles and couples. No families or children here.

You can sit on these cliffs with the ocean surging just meters below.

On the right day, the waves crash like thunderclaps and white foam and spray lift high in the air.

If you do not enjoy the heat of the beach, you can nestle beneath large stones to escape the breeze and find any degree of privacy you might prefer.

You can only hear the sounds of nature and some quiet friendly maritime conversation, and on occasion you can see dolphins from the peak of these rocks.

Etwas außerhalb von Triest und nur 5 km zur slowenischen Grenze - in der Nähe von Sistiana und Duino - befindet sich einer der schönsten schönsten Nacktbadestrände Norditialiens. Autobahn A4 Richtung Trieste. Autobahnausfahrt Sistiana, gleich nach der Ausfahrt bei der Gabelung rechts und dann wieder rechts. Bei der nächsten Kreuzung (Rundbau) links, Richtung Trieste. Die Bundesstraße heißt "Costiera", weil sie am Meer entlang führt. Nach etwa 1 km gibt es auf der rechte Seite eine kleine Einfahrt für den Parkplatz. Der Weg zum Meer beginnt hier beim Lattenzaun. Den 10-minütigen Fußweg hinabgeben und am Ende - nach der Treppe - links halten und noch 10 Minuten laufen. Das FKK-Areal befindet sich entlang der Felsen und erstreckt sich von dem kleinen, alten Häuschen bis zum alten Hafendamm, von dem man auch ins Wasser springen kann.
On weekends it much more crowded than during the week, and there are some more girls there than on many weekdays. This is one of the few nude beaches where the under-30 age group is well-represented, easily making up between one-third and one-half of the weekend crowd on average.A public boat line reach Sistiana Bay, from there a 10 minute hike through the cliffside scenery to the south ( left of Beach Restaurant Castelreggio and through Marina Portopiccolo ) leads you to the clothing optional beaches, which are situated on small tidal coves, and then to the main nudist beach.Average age range: The most common age in the wild northern part is 30/50, on the main (gay) beach is 25/40, in the southern ( family & couples) part is 35/55

An diesem wunderschöenen Strand ist das Meer warm und die Sonne scheint bis 20:00 Uhr, das Wasser ist immer sauber, man kann die Tiefe sehen. Hier trifft man Naturisten aus Trieste, Gorizia, Pordenone, Udine, Treviso, Slovenien und Kroatien. Da der Fußweg etwas beschwerlich ist, kommen vorwiegend nur jüngere Naturisten hier her. Don't miss it !

What is naturism?

"Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging respect for oneself, respect for others and for the environment."

Naturism is the practice of complete nudity in a communal setting. While this may be its most obvious definition, it is part of a much wider context. The purpose of naturism is to promote wholesomeness and stability of the human body and mind. This comes most easily to those who shed the psychological and social encumbrance of clothing to see and respect the human body as created. Naturism also promotes optimum health through complete contact of the body with the natural elements, e.g. sun, wind, air, water. It is practised as much as possible in environments free of the pollutants and stressful components of modern society. It is therefore associated with an enlightened, holistic approach to nutrition, physical activity, mental functioning, and social interaction. Naturism is founded on family participation. Children in naturist families learn to appreciate the body as part of their natural environment. They grow up with healthful concepts and accept the physical nature of both sexes and all ages without fear or shame of their own or others' bodies. Nude living thus removes apprehensions and barriers which have hindered communication between people and appreciation of the environment. It leads to healthier and more humane living: richer and simpler, enlightened by joy and freedom.



Sunbathe by the pool, spend a day at the beach or surrender to the freedom of wearing no clothes at the FKK  Nudist Camp. Campsites

The types of people that enjoy nude camping are very diverse. There are different goals and/or intentions of each individual naturist. Before you try naturism camping, you must be clear on your beliefs and goals of social nudity and find people to camp with who have the same beliefs as you. Following are some thoughts on why people like to camp in the nude:

A nude camper wants to enjoy the great outdoors unencumbered by clothing and other hassles.
Feeling the sun and breeze on your entire body is wonderful.
Many nude campers have completely moral objectives in mind and just want to enjoy nature.
According to the Naturist Society, "social nudity is not a code word for sex. "
Some other naturist campers do have the goal to 'hook up' or meet other adults that have like-minded motives.
Some want to have sex in a completely free party atmosphere in a socially accepted setting.

According to the American Association for Nude Recreation, "Nude recreation embraces the joy of living and experiencing nature in the most natural way possible. To relax and be nude is to let yourself be totally free." Naturism camping can be done totally in the nude or partially nude. Camping in a tent, cabin, or recreational vehicle is part of the experience. Some of the benefits people achieve while enjoying a naturism camping trip are:

Positive body image
All over body tan
Soaking up vitamin D
Stress relief
Increased self-esteem
Class and wealth distinction disappear
Freedom from clothing and stress
While nude camping isn't for everyone, those who enjoy it find that it is a wonderful source of recreation.

Naturist campgrounds encourage individuals to relax naked / clothesfree, while communing with nature.The management of these campgrounds, for the most part, believes in welcoming folks of all colours, sexes, shapes and sizes. The campgrounds are intended to supply a place for a naturist to practice their philosophy in a natural surrounding.

Naturist families can meet people who have similar interests in a safe, family-friendly nudist surroundings. Many nudist campgrounds advertise a "family friendly" environment, but this doesn't automatically mean they are populated with kids. Other campgrounds are for guys only. 



The resort has two kilometres of delightful - albeit it rocky - beaches with numerous man-made entry points into the water, plus restaurants, tennis courts, swimming pool, all set amid woods teeming with oak and pine trees and bushes of lavender, rosemary and jasmine.

Surrounded by a thick oak forest, Naturist resort Solaris is a true haven for naturists. Apartments and rooms are located in contemporary townhouses and feature fantastic sea/ forest views. Guests can enjoy 2500m of nearby beaches as well as a vast selection of sports and entertainment activities for all ages including beach volleyball tournaments and Mini Olympics. 4 open air restaurants with sea and pool view.

 Entry ticket for those who are not guests of the camp and would like to visit for a sunny beach day au naturel is charged 30 Kuna per person ( Car parking is free just outside the camp entry ). Nudist swimming pool and showers are inclusive.


The most famous naturist centre on the Adriatic and one of the oldest in Europe, founded in 1961, Campsite Koversada is a relaxed paradise of clothes-free living that puts you in contact with nature so you can freely celebrate life.

The best places to work on your tan are the stone and paved plateaus that ease into the water. For those who enjoy swimming more, there are pebble beaches and a rare sandy beach in Koversada.