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Duino Castelvecchio


You may have thought it is totally unnecessary to maintain your body and get that bronzed look until you hit the beach. When you did, all that you got were stares not because you were looking so hot, but because your skin was sickly white. How does one get the tan the right way without affecting our skin or health?

Well the answer to this is not simple and no amount of exposure to sun can actually be good for skin unless it is not for just a few minutes. You need to make sure that you apply sun block evenly so that your chances of being burned is reduced.

Guys usually do not apply sunscreen and that makes things really bad. You must apply sunscreen on all parts of the body and if you decide to sunbathe naked, you must apply sun block everywhere evenly.Make sure the sunscreen is SPF 15 and above.

The consequences of not applying sun block every 30 minutes could be premature ageing of skin, wrinkling, skin cancer and others. Guys, in order to look sexy and hunky like the ones here must take care of their bodies, consume vitamins, apply body lotions and sunscreens and make sure over exposure to sun is avoided.

If you follow these procedures, you would have the sexiest looking male body ever. You would get all the guys and girls you want and would be the bronzed star of the beach.

Gulf of Trieste - Portorose (28 km. from Trieste) is known as  ‘glitzy’ coastal town, with palm trees, pricey hotels and fancy cars parked on the streets.

Portorose has it’s own man-made beach. Not the best beach in the world, but it’s good enough to lie your towel down on a lounger and soak up some sun.



Men's Speedo is back and tighter than ever !

The Speedo is making a huge come back. Overall, 65% of beachgoers worldwide reported finding bathing suits like the Speedo to be "acceptable." This figure was highest in France (91%) and Italy (87%);


It may harder to believe that, in these same countries, sporting your classic board shorts on a trendy beach nowadays would be considered a tasteless choice. If you plan on holidaying in Spain , Italy or France, Speedos are de rigueur. We always praise dressing for the occasion, and in this case, the location is key. It appears that the Speedo, in its proper geographical context, leaves little room for questioning.  

Exactly what is it that makes the Speedo such a desirable swimwear option for guys in these countries? You might be surprised:
Speedos allow for a greater range of motion: Swimmers credit the Speedo for allowing greater movement in the water versus carrying the additional weight of a bulky trunk. 
Speedos offer a better tan line: A farmer’s tan on your legs is not the hottest look. Trunks that fall past the knee create awkward tan lines and do not allow for full tanning coverage.

Speedos dry faster: Speedos dry much faster than trunks because they use less fabric and are often made of quick-drying nylon. 


Bring out everything that you bring in, especially trash. It is important to leave sites as clean or cleaner than you found it for the next person. This especially applies for isolated beaches, so if you don't take out your trash, the area will be spoiled, since no municipality is likely to do it. Also, strip cigarette butts from the ground. No one likes sunbathing in an ashtray. Respect and protect the wildlife. 

Miramare (Trieste)

Duino/Devin (Trieste)



Rovinj/Rovigno (Isola Rossa)

Cittanova d'IstriaNovigrad/Cittanova d'Istria


A TRIP to MONTEROSSO (SALVORE) 38 km. from Trieste


"Rezidencija Skiper" is located on the beautiful coastline of Alberi near Salvore, at the southern end of the Gulf of Trieste. Surrounded by palm trees and exotic plants, 11 luxury villas and 10 attractive residential buildings with suites and apartments are set in a well-kept parkland. Child friendly, cosy, comfortable resort "Skiper", built in 2005. In the district of Alberi 3 km from the centre of Savudrija/Salvore, 10 km from the centre of Umago, in a quiet position on a slope, at the seaside, on the beach. For shared use: property 14 ha (fenced) with lawn and trees, swimming pool (410 m2, depth 135 cm, 16.05.-24.10.) with internal staircase. Children's pool, outdoor shower, private beach, tennis (4 x hard court), children's playground (slide, swing). In the complex: reception, restaurant, bar, internet access, fitness room. Linen change 2 times per week. Towel change daily. Breakfast and half board possible (extra). Roofed, parking at the house. Golf course (18 hole) 500 m. Please note: the complex has night security. There are more similar properties for rent in this same residence. Inside the Skiper Resort guests have also at disposal: a comfortable a-la-carte restaurant, the beautiful poolscape, the arranged sea shore with 3500 m2 surface of the beach with deck chairs and beach umbrellas, sports centre including beach volleyball area, soccer or basketball field, 4 green-set tennis courts, shop, cafeteria, pool bar and Skiper's own church. Children's playground with the surface of more than 4000 m2 and 150 m2 of water surface with amusement park on the water designed for the children up to 6 years.




With a stay at Skiper Resort in Umago (Monterosso), you'll be minutes from Golf Club Adriatic and close to Port of Salvore. This beach hotel is within close proximity of Savudrian Lighthouse and Catoro Beach. Pamper yourself with onsite massages, body treatments, and facials. When the sun is out, a round of golf or a day at the private beach are two great options for taking advantage of the fine weather.





Trieste is on the background, only 20 km. in air distance.

Monterosso offers breathtaking panoramic views over the slovenian and italian coasts as well as the Alpsoffers breathtaking panoramic views over the Slovenian and Italian coasts as well as the Austrian Alps. 




Spiaggia della Costa dei Barbari
Nude Beach 
costa dei barbari - filtri - liburnia - strugnano - canegra
If it’s an all-over suntan, total self-acceptance, or for just a quick skinny dip with a friend, a nudist beach might be what you are looking for this coming summer. Why go nudist?

  1. To feel natural and emotionally free
  2. To appreciate beautiful bodies
  3. Not to be conformed to clothed society
  4. To swim naked feels great
  5. Naturism is fun and an experience
  6. Self-acceptance of your body
  7. To compare you body to others
  8. The sun is an aphrodisiac
  9. To get an all-over body tan
  10. Vitamin D to your skin – increase of immune system
Duino - Spiaggia Castello
Family Beaches
ginestre - sistiana - grignano - portorose - umago 

Some people are a bit disappointed with the fact that the eastern part of the Gulf of Trieste  doesn't abounds in sandy beaches, but you will often hear same people later saying that this is maybe even better because this is the reason sea water is so clean and crystal clear. And when we say crystal clear, we really mean it.

From the end of April to the beginning of October the triestine Riviera offers more then 6 months to enjoy under the sun. Discover the the most suitable beach for you and go to the seaside !!

Gulf of Trieste

Marina Julia (Monfalcone)

The coast along the Gulf of Trieste is well known for the sandy beaches from Bibione to Marina Julia on the western half and for the  indentedness and variety of the Coast between Duino and Punta Salvore to the east,  characterized through stones and rocks. Very soon You will become aware of the beauty and the charm of the Istrian coast which has a lush submarine life and where every beach is different and certainly represents something worth exploring.

Lignano Riviera

The coast from Trieste to Istria attracts visitors with cliffs and magnificent panoramic views. Besides the unique cities of Venice and Trieste you can already see the Alps on the horizon – therefore at the Adriatic Sea you can expect one of the most diverse holiday destinations in Southern Europe .

Portorose, San Bernardino ( 28 km. from Trieste)

Eastern Adriatic is for a reason referred as the cleanest Mediterranean sea.The eastern Adriatic deepens from the clear shallows to jade green and cobalt colours of the deeper waters. Not many people can determine the color of the Adriatic sea. Sometimes it's dark blue, sometimes greenish-blue. The fact is that the sea, depending on the time of day and the angle of the sun's rays overflows into a thousands nuances. However, it is always beautiful and unique.
Bring, or buy when you get there, a pair of plastic water shoes. Maybe it doesn't look the best, but it will help you moving around the rocky and pebbly beaches or getting in or out of the water. In many places, especially isolated beaches, you will find sea-urchins, which is another good reason to have some sort of a foot wear. But be glad when you see sea-urchins, it means the water is absolutely clean because they live only in especially clean waters.

Marina di Aurisina/Nabrezina -  Beach Le Ginestre 9 km. from Trieste

The coast around Duino and the Riviera Triestina differs markedly from the long sandy beaches of  the Gulf of Venice. White limestone cliffs fall steeply into the sea and there only a few real beaches. Even more beautiful are the narrow coastal roads which run from Trieste to Duino. Duino itself has a beautiful little port with some restaurants and a small pebble beach and the small town is surrounded by a picturesque cliff. High up on the cliffs stands the magnificent Castello di Duino, which is owned by the Thurn and Taxis family.

Sistiana/Sesljan Beach La Caravella 13 km. from Trieste

We strongly advise you to become familiar with the beach and the depth of the sea at this spot prior to junping into it: the shimmering of the sea and the changes of high and low tide can be misleading so that jumps into shallow spots can sometimes result in heavy injuries.

Portoroz/Portorose - San Bernardino


The indentedness of the coast and the variety of the undersea result in a very lush sea flora and fauna so that divers, professionals as well as non professionals, will certainly enjoy it. The bringing up of shell remnants or strange stones is a frequent pastime and such things are the dearest souvenirs which will always remind you of your summer holiday at the Adriatic Sea. At this point, we would also like to advise you not to bring up living organisms or any kind of protected sea species, since you would jeopardize the submarine eco-system. Please, also be careful and do not swim out too far into the open sea while diving and do not dive without a signal balloon which shows your location to fishing-and speedboats.

Portorose, Grand Hotel Kempinski

Miramare ( 4 km. from Trieste ) Marine Reserve


Free beaches

A free beach - spiaggia libera - is usually signposted. It generally consists of a narrow stretch of beach close to the nearest road access, and is identifiable by the absence of beach infrastructure, (regimented sunbeds etc.) and by the presence of clusters of sunbathers lying on towels. There may be a bar nearby, or a stall selling cold drinks. Some free beaches are provided with showers and public toilets.


Porec/Parenzo, Laguna Verde / Zelena Laguna (69 km. from Trieste)

Pula/Pola, Beach Ambrella  110 km. from Trieste

Swimming in upper adriatic

Swimming is a very popular activity and a way to cool down on a hot summer's day. Busy and private beaches generally have lifeguards dressed in red, and signs indicating safe depths. Some beaches have dangerous currents, and every year Italy has a significant number of deaths from drowning. The presence of other swimmers isn't enough to guarantee the safety of the water. Make sure you understand any signs displayed, and ask for advice if you have any doubts.

Tides are not very high, nor can the waves be compared to those of the UK's rugged Atlantic beaches. There are, however, other threats lurking in the waters. Recently vast quantities of algae led to beaches being closed along western coast. Jellyfish are common, and their stings can be painful.


Normal european standards of dress do not apply on the beach, although full nudity is kept for dedicated beaches which are generally unofficial and remote. However, as soon as you leave the beach, you should cover up. Swimming costumes, bikini tops and bare-chested men will give offence once you're away from the beach.

Pay for comfort

For a comfortable beach stay, visitors could do as most Italians do, and hire a sunbed (lettino) and parasol (ombrellone). Seaside hotels often have a private beach, sometimes across a road from the hotel. Others may have arrangements with local private beaches. Note that even as a hotel guest you might still be expected to pay extra for the beach facilities: check in advance if it's not clear. Some beach huts and sunbeds are hired.e


Hot weather

If you've experienced a Mediterranean summer, you'll already appreciate that the heat in Italy goes beyond anything experienced in northern Europe.If you're not used to hot climates, it's important to change your thinking. Coming from England, I used to maximise my time spent outdoors, thinking "I mustn't waste the sunshine". But then I learned that it might be sunny every day for months, and my goal became to avoid the heat, not seek it out. Southern european heat isn't mildly thrilling, like the British version. Here it is often inconvenient, can put vulnerable people at risk, and should be taken seriously.

For a 14 kilometers (from Duino to Miramare) Trieste coast is made of rocks jutting out over the sea ("falesie"); at their foot, beyond the Sistiana bay, there are some suggestive bays isolated from the traffic of mass tourists.


The Kvarner/Quarnero beaches ( 65-75 km. from Trieste ) are also picturesque and various, there are sandy, small-pebbled and rocks beaches.

Strandcafè in Abbazia/Opatija , 69 km. from Trieste



Most beaches are of the "swim at your own risk" variety, and if you ask the locals at your location they would be happy to point you towards the best waters.

The sun can be relentless between 12 noon and 4 in the afternoon, so the best time to swim anywhere is between 9-11 AM and 4-8 PM. The sea is usually very calm in the morning hours, and as a rule the afternoon breeze brings some waves of varying sizes and intensity.ity.


Pula/Pola, Beach Hawai ( Verudella) 110 km. from Trieste

Hawaii Beach is located in the tourist resort Verudela Beach in the cove below the hotel Park. It is a pebble beach and it has a gradual entrance into the sea. The sea border line has been set into the sea. The beach is perfect for families with small children who can with no worries have fun in the shallow water. The adrenaline will find a place for themselves in the nearest vicinity - the high cliffs from where you can dive into the sea.


Nude Beach in Moscenicka Draga/Draga di Moschiena (73 km. from Trieste)



Monterosso/Crveni Vrh 40 km. south of Trieste





A resort or beach that is Clothing Optional means that you can be dressed or nude - your choice. Many first timers prefer Clothing Optional locations because it gives them a chance to "ease" out of their clothes.
Nude beaches, clothing optional travel and nude recreation have exploded in popularity over the last 5 years.
To the South of Sistiana Bay there are so called free beaches which are known to be naturist for many years, Those places are mostly clothing optional.
This clothing optional coastline can be found about 500 mts. south Sistiana Bay.
Sistiana is a quarter-hour drive from Central Trieste, 13 km straight up the coastline toward Duino and the Airport, taking you through Barcola, Grignano and the Castle of Miramare along the way. Or you can take a boat from Trieste harbour ( 50 mn.)
The beaches in the Bay, close to the parking lots, are textile beaches (Caravella and Castelreggio).
A 10 minute hike through the cliffside scenery to the left of Beach Restaurant Castelreggio through Marina Portopiccolo leads you to the clothing optional beaches, which are situated on small tidal coves.

Le Ginestre ( Sistiana) 

Parco Acquatico a Grado